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After one and a half years of time, the mural Come What May was completed in Liberty Sculpture Park in California on Apr 7, 2021.
Special thanks to:
Damien Mitchell (Instagram: @damien__mitchell), the Australian mural artist who is willing to support us, the Hongkongers, and fly all the way to California and painted in the desert for days;
洛杉磯香港論壇 Hong Kong Forum, Los Angeles - Public, the Hongkonger group which helped to connect us with Weiming Chen, design the wall, prepare the material and help to build the foundation;
Weiming Chen and Yongkui Zhao, the founders of Liberty Sculpture Park, who not only provided us the place but helped to build the wall with us with their expert skills.
Divad, the Hongkonger artist that cannot be unveiled. “Beneath the umbrellas there is an idea, and the idea is bulletproof.” We hope that one day, Divad can stand out and be proud of his art without the fear of political prosecution in Hong Kong.
We also would like to thank all of the donors to this project and help us make this happen.

Liberty Sculpture Park, CA

Mural Project - Come What May

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