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The artwork archive project Wandering Hong Kong explores what it means to be “wandering.” The dictionary defines it as “a life with no place to settle down, needing to move around.” It is never easy to settle in a new place, let alone the emotional turmoil, homesickness, separation from friends and family, confusion about belonging and identity, and many more other struggles. Nevertheless, our persistent love for Hong Kong represents this era and is worthy of being recorded and preserved. The love and struggle are why we titled the exhibition Wandering Hong Kong.

Lion Rock Café believes that there are numerous people who love to create and share, yet have no idea how to take the first step. We hope that this archive project will enable more Hongkongers and supporters of Hong Kong to share the emotions through participation in artwork creation, and act as a platform to share Hong Kong culture by continuing the project online.


Wandering · Hong Kong Exhibition

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